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The Initiation

Our story started with a vision. We were keen on witnessing the herald of Digital Awakening in the sleepy hamlet that Jammu and Kashmir was a decade ago. More than witnessing, we were nurturing the urge to be the pioneers of such a crucial transition. With a protocol to offer the business circle in the state with quality choices in the field of website design & development, a digital venture was initiated. Drawing inspiration from the advancement enjoyed by the metropolitan cities in the field of Information & Technology, the founders of Bwinex Technologies took an aim to elevate the digital standard of J&K at par with the leading cities in terms of quality & availability.

The Transition

The maiden strokes were taken in the year 2006 in Jammu. For the next incoming two years, it was just two machines and endless hours of dedication. But as our clients started to develop an eye for detail, the quality & superiority of our service brought us into the limelight. Our family has never ceased to grow ever since. Two multiplied to four & by the end of our 5th year, we were a strong team of eight. The next two years saw us welcome four more talented members into the family as our working place shifted from a personal room used during our initial days to a fully functional professional working space in the present. Currently, our headquarters is situated at Bahu Plaza, Jammu. We have a group of more than twenty talented individuals who join their heads together to channel their creativity into productive prospects to meet the requirement of our esteemed clients.

The Growth

Bwinex Technologies started out as a design developmental agency run by two members. Presently, this preeminent digital agency covers a range of eleven IT services that have been dispensed to over six nations and more than 800 clients over the course of a decade. Apart from our headquarters present in Jammu, we have established our presence in neighbouring states. Our clientele base stands on a diverse ground. We serve entrepreneurs, agencies & organizations that hail from the backgrounds of tourism, education, hospitality, astrology, automotive, medical & entertainment. Our services span out to the creation of e-commerce websites, social banners, web solutions, the creation of promotional videos, bulk SMS & email, digital marketing and more. As we grow, we also aim to assimilate the usage of new technologies & ideologies in our works, like IoT, robotics and other web technologies to build a research center in Jammu to facilitate the rightful growth of the local talent pool in the city.

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